Course Description

This course can be taken in-person or online. In-person enrollment includes free access to the online lectures. Class size is limited.

In-Person Course Dates: Tuesdays, 6:30 - 8:30pm, September 8 - November 10

Location: 3901 Normal Blvd, Suite 101, Lincoln, NE

The online course includes ten high-quality, prerecorded, 2-hour video lectures with study notes, available the day following each in-person class, until November 23.

This course continues our three-year Journey through Scripture from Genesis to Revelation, from Creation to New Creation. (Students who missed earlier legs of the journey need not worry. You are welcome to join and will not be left behind.)

During these ten weeks we will focus on Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy—books sometimes mistakenly regarded as tedious, boring, and irrelevant to Christians. We will discover otherwise! In addition to offering an overview of these books and of their role in the Torah/Pentateuch and in the grand theo-drama of Scripture, we will explore in detail a selection of the most informing and enriching passages from each. We will continue to tackle the question of how the Old Testament speaks an abiding message that is relevant to the Church’s life and liturgy today, and specifically of how the Old Testament Law speaks to Christians in the New Covenant.

Whether for personal enrichment or formal teaching or greater liturgical appreciation, this course is designed to deepen our knowledge of God and to move our hearts toward greater faith and devotion as we meet our Lord in the life-transforming message of Sacred Scripture.

Registration Options

The in-person class has been filled. Please email if you would like to be placed on the waitlist. We are still accepting registrations for the online course.



Dr. Vern Steiner

Prior to entering the Catholic Church in 2015, Vern enjoyed a long career as an evangelical protestant pastor, seminary professor, and founder and president of a Bible institute. His teaching specializations include biblical introduction and interpretation, languages and exegesis, and exposition and theology. He focused on Bible, History, and Philosophy in his undergraduate studies; he holds masters degrees in Pastoral Ministry and Biblical Literature; and he earned his Ph.D. in Exegetical Theology. Vern has authored a number of published and unpublished materials at both general and technical levels. When he is not in his study, he enjoys watching sports, woodworking, and especially spending time with his wife Carol, their two married children, and their ten grandchildren.