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This course can be taken in-person or online. In-person enrollment includes free access to the online lectures. Class size is limited.

In-Person Course Dates: Thursdays, 6:30 - 8:30pm, September 10 - November 12

Location: 3901 Normal Blvd, Suite 101, Lincoln, NE

The online course includes ten high-quality, prerecorded, 2-hour video lectures with study notes, available the day following each in-person class, until November 23.

“The saints are like so many mirrors in which Christ contemplates himself.” This line was written by the blessed Curé D’Ars (St. John Vianney, d. 1859), who now radiates Christ in his own sainthood. Those holy ones who have gone before us—those saints, doctors, martyrs, and the like—leave behind legacies of heroic virtue that stand as a witness to life lived in union with Christ. They are the ones who embodied the great commandment of the Lord to love God and neighbor. It is in this vein that Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI was able to say, “The saints are the true interpreters of Holy Scripture.” But one may ask concerning these saintly men and women: What inspired them to live such lives of holiness in the first place? Though the saints are as numerous as the stars, and the cause for their sainthood just as diverse, there is one thing they all had in common that lies at the foundation of their holy lifestyles: a deep love for Christ and the Scriptures.

In this course, we will study that relationship between the saints and the Scriptures, particularly in the lives of those saints whom we call Doctors of the Church. We will examine the lives of doctors such as Augustine, Thomas Aquinas, John of the Cross, Teresa of Ávila, and Thérèse of Lisieux, so as to understand more fully 1) how they viewed the Scriptures, 2) how they have helped develop our understanding of them, and 3) how they used them as a means by which to live in unity with the One they loved most. Our hope for this class is that by walking in the footsteps of those great and holy ones and thinking their thoughts after them, we may attain the same love for Christ that led them to their heavenly dwelling by adopting the same great love and appreciation that they had for Sacred Scripture.

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This class can be taken in-person or online. In-person registration includes free access to the online class recordings, available through November 23. Clergy and members of religious orders may select the discounted registration options.


Associate Teacher

Chad Steiner

Chad completed his undergraduate studies in Philosophy at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln while studying the biblical languages and biblical introduction and interpretation on the side. Following graduation, he taught with his father at a small Bible institute in Lincoln for a number of years before moving to England with his wife Kacy to begin graduate work in biblical studies. Upon their return to Lincoln in 2005, Chad resumed teaching and writing full time with the institute where he remained until its closure in 2013. His interests lie especially in cultivating Christian unity, and in sharing the task of interpreting Sacred Scripture with Christians across denominational lines. He and his family were received into the Church at the Easter Vigil at St. Peter in 2011. Since then he has enjoyed singing in the choir and helping as an occasional catechist for the RCIA program at the parish. He and Kacy have eight children, two dogs, two guinea pigs, a rabbit, and many Legos.

Associate Teacher

Joshua Burks

Joshua grew up in Lincoln. After finishing his undergraduate studies at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, he went on to serve as a FOCUS missionary for four years at South Dakota State University, two of which he served as the Team Director. Since his time with FOCUS, Joshua completed his MA in Theology from the Augustine Institute in Denver, Colorado, in August 2019. He is passionate to see Scripture cherished in the hearts of Christians everywhere as a means of encountering Christ and walking with Him intimately. Joshua married his high school sweetheart Elizabeth in the summer of 2015, and they have since welcomed three beautiful boys: Elijah, Simon, and Anthony.